Notable Publications


Leaked Emails Show How White Nationalists Have Infiltrated Conservative Media

Jewish Currents

The Making of Andy Ngo

New Republic

The Alt-Right Doesn’t Know What to Do With White Women (available in Russian at иносми.ру)
What the Alt-Right Learned from the Left

The Baffler (selections)

Psychic Healing at the End of History
Rites of Power
Cold War Fever
Juggalos, Nevertheless Persisting

Who’s Afraid of the Russian Soul?
White Nationalism’s New Clothes
Dilbert’s Revenge
From a Darling of White Supremacists, a Shrug and a “Who, Me?”
Trump’s Willing Scholars
Outcast No More

The Outline

Disinformation is a two-way street
Morgan Freeman, David Frum, and the no-good non-profit
Apocalyptic thinking in the age of Trump

Pacific Standard

North Korea’s Rising Video Bloggers
Chernobyl in Spring


Cucking and Nazi Salutes: Night Out With the Alt-Right (reprinted from The Washington Spectator)
The Unashamed Racists Backing Trump All the Way (reprinted from The Washington Spectator)


Trump’s Muddled Russia Policy
Rex Tillerson and the Russia File
Trump: An Opportunity for Russia?
Think Tanks Beg: Give Us War
Biden’s Iraq War Throwback
Russia: Goodbye, Levada?

Washington Spectator (selections)

A Beer Hall Putsch in an Italian Restaurant
Sump Trump
Alt-Right Emboldened
White Power Meets Business Casual
Shocked! Shocked!
The Audacity of Keeping Calm
GOP Presidential Candidates Struggle With Oregon

Al Jazeera America

Pope Francis questions American exceptionalism
Nemtsov killing casts a shadow over Russia’s free press (coauthor)
Anonymity helps us curate our online selves
Saudi Arabia gets MOOC’d up
Is the developing world ‘MOOC’d out’?

The American Prospect

Marco Rubio’s Far-Right Foreign Policy Gambit

Commonweal Magazine

Out of Ashes (book review)

The Moscow Times

Russia Gave Greece Only ‘Gas and Sympathy’

First Things

Putin, Stalin, and the Church

U.S. News and World Report (selections)

Putin’s War Has Come to the Pews
Unmasking Team Putin
Sputnik Spin (coauthor)
The Wall Fell, and Realpolitik Lives
Fighting Extremists One Tweet at a Time
How the World Can Get a Handle on Population Growth
Boycotting the Sochi Olympics and Dumping Stoli Won’t Change Russia
The Syrian Civil War Takes A Toll on Its Cultural History
After Obama’s Africa Trip, He Needs an Africa Policy (coauthor)
What the Election of Pope Francis Says About Global Politics
Papandreou’s Three Myths About the Greek Financial Crisis (coauthor)


Humans of the Refugee Crisis

The Diplomat

How Ashraf Ghani’s Government Will Address Afghanistan’s Endemic Problems

ACORN International

Brazil and All Developing Countries Should Learn the Lessons of India’s Commonwealth Games Fiasco
Benefitting from Migration: The Costs, Benefits and History of Romanian and Moldovan Migration (1990-present)