2015photoHi! I’m Hannah, a freelance writer and graduate student (MTS, class of 2019) at Harvard Divinity School, where I focus on the intersection of nationalism, extremism, and Russian Orthodox identity in a post-Soviet context. As a journalist, I have written on Eastern Europe, the far-right (i.e., the so-called “alt-right” in the United States and abroad), and foreign policy for a number of publications, including The Baffler, The New Republic, LobeLog, Commonweal, Al Jazeera America, First Things, U.S. News and World Report, and more. I previously worked on social media (and other things) at The Baffler and was also an editor at The Washington Spectator.

I graduated from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, where I focused on Eastern Christian theology, European Studies, and philosophy, and wrote my thesis (Division III) on the origins of ethnophyletism (ecclesial racism) in the Greek Orthodox Church. I also studied at the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

You can follow me on Twitter @hannahgais. I also have a blog at Medium called “If God is Dead . . .” where I publish things that can’t be placed elsewhere, usually because I wrote it in 45 minutes.

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